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When Comet was first adopted he was so terrified of other dogs. He would bark like a banshee and bite at any opportunity. Nicole worked hard to improve Com's confidence and to make him feel safe around other dogs. This is how the Small Paws Gang first came about. The group started with Comet and 2 small dogs that Nicole was fostering.  Ove the years Comet's confidence improved and he became the leader of Melbourne's coolest little dog gang. So many memories. So much fun and friendship! Comet's  Small Paws Gang met once a month for 15 years and each time Comet would lead the gang in play. He had a special way of luring shy dogs out of their shells.He was bossy and fun and everyone wanted to be his buddy In his younger years he was fussy with his friends but as he grew to be an old man he was exceptionally tolerant and wise. 

Below are some photos of the Small Paws Gang over the years.Thank you Comet Ganoot for bringing us all together. The Small Paws Gang continues under the guidance of Comet's good friend Jeanette. We miss you so incredibly much Com. 

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