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Nickname: Leo, Mr Handsome

Breed: Borzoi (Russian Wiolfhound)

Standing Height at shoulder: 1500mm

Sex: Male Entire

About Leo: Introducing Leonardo DeBorzoi!
Leonardo is a giant sized heart throb. Handsome with manners to match he will make the hardest of hearts melt. For such an enormous dog he is very gentle with his body and nimble on his paws.This may be why even our tiniest K9 star (Jude the Yorkshire terrier) is happy hang out with Leo.


Nickname: Ganoot, Com, Da Boss!

Breed: Silky Terrier Mix

Standing Height at shoulder: 300mm

Sex: Male desexed

About Comet: Paws together and tails in the air as we introduce Comet! This spunky senior has no desire to slow down and put his paws up. Comet has worked in television and on stage. He is a much adored pet therapy dog and loves to spend any spare time bossing his humans about or hanging out with his flock of feathered friends. Go Comet!

Name:  KYLAH

Nickname: Miss Kylah

Breed: Border Collie

Standing Height at shoulder: 800mm

Sex: Female desexed

About Kylah: So so sweet and gentle. Miss Kylah is a true lady who makes friends everywhere she goes.


Nickname: The Police Man!

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)

Standing Height at shoulder: 500mm

Sex: Male desexed

About Raiden: Let's howl it out for Raiden our talented Shetland Sheepdog! With his stunning good looks, Raiden is the "Fabio" of the dog world. Raiden has worked in television and modelled for print media. Whilst he loves to work his favourite thing in the whole wide world is to steal the cat food! Nothing beats that ;-)

Name: NAGA


Breed: Kelpie mix

Standing Height at shoulder: 850mm

Sex: Female desexed

About Naga: Introducing our supreme athlete! After being adopted from the pound Naga  has enjoyed an action packed life with her humans. Her weekend activities include kayaking, mountain biking  and agility racing. Naga is known for her enthusiasm for life. At ASA when someone embraces a task with extreme enthusiasm we call this "doing it Naga Style!"


Breed: Staffordshire Terrier

Height at shoulder: 550mm

Sex: Female desexed

About Chilli:Chilli has worked as a model and also in television (both on location shoots and live with studio audience). She has performed in front of thousands of adoring fans at major events in Melbourne. Chilli is a very special dog who often helps as a rehabilitation therapist for dogs who are fearful of other dogs. She is Cheeky (with a capital C), energetic, hilarious and soooo loving. Go Chilli!!



Breed: Border Collie

Height at shoulder: 800mm

Sex: Female desexed

About Shadow:Shadow is a pure delight. She loves nothing better than learning new things. Extremely bright she picks things up easily and has stamina to match. 


Nickname: SculSTAR

Breed: Border Collie mix

Height at shoulder: 

Sex: Male desexed

About Scully:Introducing Scully! He is the cool guy that everyone loves to hang out with. Scully is fun loving, kind and so clever! Please enjoy a little video of him rehearsing some of his cues in front of the camera. Go Scully Go!


Nickname: Oz, Ozman

Breed: Wire haired Jack Russell mix

Height at shoulder:  250mm

Sex: Male desexed

About Ozzie: If his cheeky grin doesn't melt your hear then his funny little bounce walk will have you smiling from ear to ear.

Name: MILO

Nickname: The Energiser Bunny

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Jack Russell mix

Height at shoulder: 250mm

Sex: Female desexed

About Milo:



Breed: Boxer

Height at shoulder: 

Sex: Male desexed

About Louie: A gorgeous mix of goof and smooch! Handsome Louie is guaranteed to warm your heart and make you smile.


Nickname: Doug

Breed: Cattle dog mix

Height at shoulder: 850mm

Sex: Male desexed

About Dougie: Doug is the quintessential "Aussie dog". Admired by all for his beauty, braun and brains. Doug has an easy going laid back nature.

Name: ACE

Nickname: Super Pup!

Breed: Kelpie mix

Height at shoulder: 450mm

Sex: Female desexed

About Ace: Ace by name and Ace by nature. At only 6 months of age this clever pup has trained to star level 2! This means she is ready for modelling and TV work. So much potential! the world is her stage.


Breed: Griffon Bruxellois

Height at shoulder: 350mm

Sex: Male desexed

About Oscar: Like the griffon who starred alongside Jack Nicholson , Oscar is "as good as it gets".Oscar is an absolute gentleman who brings joy to everyone he meets.


Breed: Jack Russell mix

Height at shoulder: 300mm

Sex: Male desexed

About Tiffany: Miss Tiff is the sweetheart of our talented dog crew. She has a face and mannerism that appeals to a broad audience.Who wouldn't love that face?


Breed: Spaniel mix

Height at shoulder: 350mm

Sex: Female desexed

About Romba: Super model looks and a rock solid temperament make Romba the ideal animal actor. She is keen to learn and loves to work. 

Name: LULU

Breed: Maltese

Height at shoulder: 300mm

Sex: Male desexed

About Lula: Super cute, super smart and super COOL. Lulu has been there and done it all. the consummate professional.We are very proud of Lulu

Name: Gizmo

Breed: Pug

Height at shoulder: 400mm

Sex: Male desexed

About Gizmo: Your cheeks will ache from smiling when you are around thus his gorgeous boy. Gizmo has a variety of skills including driving a Gizmo sized car!

Name: Nell  (Nellieweazel)

Breed: Border Collie mix

Height at shoulder: 600mm

Sex: Female desexed

About Nell: Nell has boundless enthusiasm and energy whilst maintaining style and grace. She is our "Energiser Bunny Princess: ;-)

Name: Oberon

Breed: Scottish Deerhound

Height at shoulder: over 850mm

Sex: Male entire

About Oberon: An ENORMOUS shaggy boy with eyes that look right into your heart . 

Name: Jude

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Height at shoulder: teeny tiny

Sex: Male desexed

About Jude: Pocket rocket, fashionista and super smart. Jude is a legend amongst our K9 crew. 

Name: Billy

Breed: Border Collie

Height at shoulder: 650mm

Sex: Male desexed

About Billy: When Beauty meet Brains you end up with a dog like Billy.He looks great on camera and is quick to learn. Big woofs for Billy!

Name: Elly

Breed: Wolfhound mix

Height at shoulder: over 850mm

Sex: Female desexed

About Elly: Sweet Elly is a highly trained giant Teddy Bear! She has a face and nature that endears er to everyone. 

Name: Gucci

Breed: Maltese mix

Height at shoulder: 300mm

Sex: Male desexed 

About Gucci: The ultimate K9 model! Gucci simply looks great in everything.

Name: Mathieu

Breed: French Bulldog

Height at shoulder: 400mm

Sex: Male desexed 

About Mathieu: Greets everyone he meets with his signature full body wiggle!

Name: Robbie

Breed: toy poodle mix

Height at shoulder: 300mm

Sex: Male desexed 

About Robbie: Mr Cutey Pa Tootie! Robbie loves to dress up and be told he looks wonderful.

Name: Bentley

Breed: maltese mix

Height at shoulder: 300mm

Sex: Male desexed 

About Bentley : Our lovely calm, snuggly little gentleman.

Name: Mollie

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Height at shoulder: 400mm

Sex: Female desexed 

About Mollie : Miss Mollie is simply adorable.  Her beauty is complemented by her intelligence, trainability and sweet gentle nature.

Name: Evie

Breed: Shitzu mix

Height at shoulder: 300mm

Sex: Female desexed 

About Evie : If the length of beautiful Miss Evie's eyelashes impress you, just wait until you see her impressive list of complex tricks!

Name: Kalliopi

Breed: Dalmation

Height at shoulder: 600mm

Sex: Female desexed 

About Kalliopi :Who needs 101 dalmations when you have the No. 1 dalmation? Introducing Kalliopi! A delightful liver spotted dalmation.

Name: Snoopy

Breed: Beagle

Height at shoulder: 500mm

Sex: Female desexed 

About Snoopy:Snoopy is a natural in front of the camera. Our sweetheart with a touch of Diva and the biggest smile! 

Check back regularly as we are in the process of adding our stars to this website and new animal stars will be added as they qualify.

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