Animal Casting Agent

Dear Emma and Team, 


We are  proud to shortlist for you our highly skilled small dogs.


To find out more about each dog please click on their short videos. 

These dogs are available on Thursday February 1st for a half day shoot. 



Nickname: Ganoot, Com, Da Boss!

Breed: Silky Terrier Mix

Standing Height at shoulder: 220mm

Sex: Male desexed

About Comet: Paws together and tails in the air as we introduce Comet! This spunky senior has no desire to slow down and put his paws up. Comet has worked in television and on stage. He is a much adored pet therapy dog and loves to spend any spare time bossing his humans about or hanging out with his flock of feathered friends. Go Comet!


Nickname: The Police Man!

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)

Standing Height at shoulder: 500mm

Sex: Male desexed

About Raiden: Let's howl it out for Raiden our talented Shetland Sheepdog! With his stunning good looks, Raiden is the "Fabio" of the dog world. Raiden has worked in television and modelled for print media. Whilst he loves to work his favourite thing in the whole wide world is to steal the cat food! Nothing beats that ;-)

Name: MILO

Nickname: The Energiser Bunny

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Jack Russell mix

Height at shoulder: 200mm

Sex: Female desexed

About Milo:


Breed: Griffon Bruxellois

Height at shoulder: 350mm

Sex: Male desexed

About Oscar: Like the griffon who starred alongside Jack Nicholson , Oscar is "as good as it gets".Oscar is an absolute gentleman who brings joy to everyone he meets.


Breed: Jack Russell mix

Height at shoulder: 250mm

Sex: Male desexed

About Tiffany: Miss Tiff is the sweetheart of our talented dog crew. She has a face and mannerism that appeals to a broad audience.Who wouldn't love that face?


Breed: Spaniel mix

Height at shoulder: 350mm

Sex: Female desexed

About Romba: Super model looks and a rock solid temperament make Romba the ideal animal actor. She is keen to learn and loves to work. 

Name: LULU

Breed: Maltese

Height at shoulder: 240mm

Sex: Male desexed

About Lula: Super cute, super smart and super COOL. Lulu has been there and done it all. the consummate professional.We are very proud of Lulu

Name: Gizmo

Breed: Pug

Height at shoulder: 400mm

Sex: Male desexed

About Gizmo: Your cheeks will ache from smiling when you are around thus his gorgeous boy. Gizmo has a variety of skills including driving a Gizmo sized car!

Name: Jude

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Height at shoulder: teeny tiny

Sex: Male desexed

About Jude: Pocket rocket, fashionista and super smart. Jude is a legend amongst our K9 crew. 

Name: Gucci

Breed: Maltese mix

Height at shoulder: 300mm

Sex: Male desexed 

About Gucci: The ultimate K9 model! Gucci simply looks great in everything.

Name: Mathieu

Breed: French Bulldog

Height at shoulder: 400mm

Sex: Male desexed 

About Mathieu: Greets everyone he meets with his signature full body wiggle!

Name: Robbie

Breed: toy poodle mix

Height at shoulder: 300mm

Sex: Male desexed 

About Robbie: Mr Cutey Pa Tootie! Robbie loves to dress up and be told he looks wonderful.

Name: Bentley

Breed: maltese mix

Height at shoulder: 300mm

Sex: Male desexed 

About Bentley : Our lovely calm, snuggly little gentleman.

Name: Mollie

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Height at shoulder: 400mm

Sex: Female desexed 

About Mollie : Miss Mollie is simply adorable.  Her beauty is complemented by her intelligence, trainability and sweet gentle nature.

Name: Evie

Breed: Shitzu mix

Height at shoulder: 200mm

Sex: Female desexed 

About Evie : If the length of beautiful Miss Evie's eyelashes impress you, just wait until you see her impressive list of complex tricks!

Name: Snoopy

Breed: Beagle

Height at shoulder: 500mm

Sex: Female desexed 

About Snoopy:Snoopy is a natural in front of the camera. Our sweetheart with a touch of Diva and the biggest smile! 

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