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Join us by enrolling in Hollywoof today!

Animal Casting Agent

Hollywoof is for those wanting to have a wonderful time preparing for animal acting work. Generally speaking the more highly skilled your pet is the more options are available to them. Please browse the descriptions of our courses to find the course that suits you best. 

We also register animals as "extras". These pets need basic obedience skills only. Please click the button below to register your pet as an animal extra.


Explore your dog's star potential Train your dog for modelling, acting and extras work with Animal Acting Agency.

You will be taught how to handle your dog from behind the camera operator and work in a variety of settings both indoors and on location. 

Teach your dog to ride a skateboard, play quoits, drive a car and a range of other amazing tricks​.

Course Duration:  6 X 45 minute classes

Class Times: Sundays 11am 

Location: Flemington (indoors) 

Fee: $240 (all inclusive) 

Class size: strictly 8 dogs only (all human members of the household welcome)

Next course starts: 

April 23rd at 11am

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