Planet K9's Off Leash Control Course
Train your dog to be safe when off leash

When you love your dog you want to make sure that they are safe when off leash. It is so  important that you teach your dog to respond to cues from a distance.


This is a very practical course involving 3 skills sessions and 2 park sessions. In the first 3 classes you will teach your dog to

  • recall with distractions

  • emergency stop 

  • extended stays

  • distance control exercises

In weeks 4 and 5 we head to the off leash park to practice these skills in a supportive group.

Under guidance of an expert Behavioural Trainer you will: 

  • understand  dog body language 

  • recognize dog play styles

  • strengthen the relationship between you and your dog 

  • motivate your dog to come when called under real life distractions

  • recognize potential threats to your dog's safety and know how to respond 

The first 3 classes are held indoors in Kensington and sessions 4 & 5 are held in Yarraville. 

Class size is restricted to 6 dogs and bookings are now open for Semester 2 beginning on February 22nd

The course is suitable for dogs who have completed the Basic Manners course. 

Classes are not held on public holiday weekends. 

Start Date : Saturday February 22nd

Class Time: Classes 1-3 are held at 11 am on Saturdays and weeks 4 & 5 at 11:30am.

Course fee: $245 

Off Leash Control Course Start Dates 2020

Semester 1 : January 11th 

Semester 2 February 22nd

Semester 3 April 18th 

Semester 4 June 13th 

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