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Speed, FUN and complex obstacles!

Agility 3 puts it all together. Each week you and your dog will negotiate a new series of obstacles. We focus on increasing time and accuracy. If you wish, you will be recorded and timed each week to enable your skills to improve. It's  a great way to review your progress and also a wonderful collection of video memories of time spent with your K9 best friend. You will receive  encouragement from your Trainer and cheers from classmates as you move from Agility Novice  to  Agility Pro! In this class we add the A frame, Dog walk, full size see saw  and pause table to the agility course. You also have the chance to earn points that contribute towards a cash donation to your favourite dog charity duirng the semester.

To enroll in this class your dog must have either completed Agility 2 or been invited to participate by your Planet K9 Trainer.

Agility 3 classes are held on Sunday mornings at 8am and 9 am in  Spotswood. Please send an email to request to join this group. 


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