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Planet K9's Rally Obedience Course 
Train your dog to an elite level with this fun dog sport

Class Times: Sundays 11am

Venue: Spotswood

Duration: 5 one hour sessions and a fun trial to gain your dog's title. Trial day includes ribbons, prizes  and lots of laughs.

Course Fee: $275 (all inclusive) 

Limited places available (only 6 spots per course) 

This course is suitable for Basic Manners Graduates

The whole family is welcome to attend.

About The Course

A super fun way to teach your dog advanced obedience exercises and improve your own training skills and technique.

Rally O promotes team work between you and your dog. 

In the course you will teach your dog a range of exercises that combine heel work and agility skills. 

Rally O gets it's name because handlers are awarded points for rallying (encouraging) their dog through a series of exercises and obstacles. 

It is a skilful dog sport in which our dogs are taught useful obedience skills and their humans become more highly skilled trainers. ​

In the first  5 classes you will learn some impressive exercises that will build on your existing training skills.


In week 6 we  hold a mock trial in which points will be awarded as you move through a series of exercises.


In rally obedience you must rally (encourage) your dog through the course. In fact points are awarded for both correct completion of an exercise as well as the dog and handler's enthusiasm. 

This course is recommended for those who have completed the basic mannersl course and are looking for the next level of challenge in a relaxed and supportive group. 

Come and join in the fun and learning !

Upcoming Course Start Dates
Oct 6th, Oct 20th
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