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Melbourne, Adelaide & Hobart 
To meet high demand we have opened our books for dogs, birds & pocket pets
in Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart. We are registering both animal actors and extras.
Is your pet the next animal star? 
4 simple steps
Step 1: Please read this information sheet 
Step 2: Fill in the online form below. Please include as much detail as possible about your pet.
Step 3: Upload photos of your pet using the file uploader on this page. Please include at least one photo with your pet next to a tennis ball.
Step 4: Once your registration is accepted please pay the annual registration fee using the secure link button on this page. Please note we will only accept registrations for pets that we believe are suitable for professional work. 
Step 2 complete this form
Step 3 upload photos
Step 4 make secure credit card payment
*Please note the transaction will appear on your statement as Planet K9 Pty Ltd 
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