Planet K9
  • Est 1997 

  • Highly experienced, qualified Trainers

  • Gentle Training Method

  • Registered and insured

  • Safe all weather venues

  • Small Class sizes

  • Accomodating for shift workers

  • Loads of FUN for you and your dog!

Who we are and what we do!

Planet K9 offers a wide range of classes and activities that are enjoyable for both dogs and people.


We will teach you a gentle and effective training method to improve communication and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

All members of the household are encouraged to participate.


Our Trainers are qualified and highly experiencedand importantly they genuinely love dogs! We are here to ensure that your relationship with your dog is the best it can be. 


For more than 15 years Planet K9 has empowered people to experience loving dogs. All you need to do is book in and we will provide everything you need to create wonderful life memories for you and your dog.

Domestic Animal Business Permit No 172015DABMV
Nicole Beasley

One of Australia’s most respected and experienced  Behavioural Rehabilitation Trainers, Nicole’s life purpose is to empower people to experience loving a dog and to decrease the suffering of dogs. Planet K9 shares her purpose.


Nicole’s experience  is diverse and includes working with thousands of  families and their dogs  over the past 20 years including 8 years as Head Trainer at  Australia’s largest animal shelter. Nicole holds Bachelor Degrees in Science and Applied Science majoring in animal behaviour and nutrition.  She has initiated and undertaken 4 important programs to benefit shelter dogs and their new families including post adoption training which reduced the rate of dogs returned to the shelter by guiding people through the settling in stage of dog adoption.  In 2011 she initiated The Behaviour Modification Program at The Lost Dogs’ Home and headed the program for 2 years. Through this program Nicole and her Planet K9 Trainers successfully rehabilitated hundreds of dogs and enabled them to be successfully adopted into loving homes. Nicole worked hard to introduce a volunteer dog walking program  and expanded this in 2014 to include The Finishing School Program in which she enjoyed training staff and volunteers to prepare dogs for adoption .


Nicole has trained dogs for stage shows, international events (Australian Open, Moomba), corporate events (numerous) and television. Nicole is registered as an animal talent agent/ trainer/wrangler for film and televsion.


She was a lecturer in companion animal training at Victoria University.

Nicole is the author of The Dog Training and Activities section of the popular book “Walkies” published by Life Be In It. She writes a monthly column for The Melbourne Weekly and other related publications. 


Nicole has trained two dogs as residential therapy dogs and has a keen interest in pet therapy. She runs a monthly pet therapy afternoon tea and nursing home visits with specially trained Planet K9 dogs.


Her pride and joy are her own dogs Comet and Skye adopted and adored and her dearly loved German Shepherds (Cosmo and Hagen now deceased but always loved and remembered).


Nicole has a deep connection to  street dogs and is co-ordinator of Friends of Nepal’s Street Dogs and this inspires her to travel to Nepal regularly. Her love of animals is reflected in her vegan lifestyle. 


Nicole personally trains all Planet K9 trainers. Additionally our instructors hold government approved dog-training certificates (Delta, Gentle Modern Dog Trainers or NDTF). Planet K9 trainers instruct using a gentle reward – based training method.


Nola is a highly experienced and nationally accredited Pet Dog Trainer. She believes that dogs are family members and that training your dog is an extension of loving them. Nola’s classes are popular and fun for the dog and the human participants. She runs basic manners and behaviour modification courses for Planet K9. Nola has a wealth of experience dealing with re-homed dogs and their owners. She worked as a Trainer in the behavioural rehabilitation program at The Lost Dogs’ Home from 2012-2014 and was a wonderful addition to the program. Nola returned to study in 2012 to complete a Bachelor of Behavioural Science Degree. Her constant companion is"Ace"a rescued kelpie with energy to burn.

Nola Pollard

Julie received her dog training qualification through The Gentle Modern Dog Training Association. Anyone who has attended one of Julie’s classes will tell you that her love of dogs and training is contagious.  She believes that training allows people to truly communicate with their dog and this greatly enhances the human–canine bond. Julie takes post adoption training , basic manners classes, K9 Allsports and Hollywoof Tricksters classes for Planet K9.  Julie really loves to trigger the realisation in our clients that they can communicate more effectively with their dogs . She  has worked as part of Planet K9’s Behavioural  Rehabilitation and Finishing School programs and has a special way with timid dogs. 

Julie Frenette
Prag Chauhan

As a child Prag had a fear of dogs.  This all changed when a Chihuahua called Olivia came into his life.

Olivia had behavioural problems, and this became a challenge for Prag.   With an Honours Degree  in Psychology and Criminology Prag utilised his expertise to study dog behaviour and training. Olivia became his first student.


After his experience of successfully training Olivia, Prag decided it was time to get a dog of his own. He researched which breed was most suitable for his environment and his choice was Raiden a beautiful Shelty puppy.  Prag took Raiden to puppy training but did not like the methodology used so he took Raiden to Planet K9’s Basic Manners classes which they both loved. This began Prag’s ongoing relationship with Planet K9 and his desire to get involved in dog training and behavioural management.

 Prag received his dog training qualification through The Gentle Modern Dog Training Association and began working as a behaviour trainer with Planet K9’s Shelter Behaviour Rehabilitation Program.

Following on from this Prag worked for five years with the Lost Dogs home running their Post Adoption training sessions with newly adopted dogs and their families. Prag was also a foster carer for behaviourally challenged dogs.

 One of the dogs he fostered was Ozzie a beautiful terrier who had been badly mistreated. Through Prag’s love and training Ozzie became an extremely confident and affectionate boy and is now a cherished member of Prag’s family.

As well as having a love of dogs Prag is a true animal lover and lives a vegan lifestyle. He has a big heart for all creatures and is a foster care for many different animals including rabbits and chickens.

Prag is a great asset to Planet K9 with his gentle and patient manner and excellent communication skills which instantly puts both dogs and humans at ease. 

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Dr. Katherine Kovacic

Kath's first after-school job was as a kennel attendant at a Seeing Eye Dog School, and since then she has continued to be fascinated by dog behaviour and ways of training that bring the most joy to humans and dogs.


Kath received her accreditation from the Gentle Dog Trainers’ Association in the same year she graduated with honours as a veterinarian, and has continued to work with animals in a variety of ways.

Kath recently completed a PhD examining the representation of the human-animal bond in art. As part of her research, she explored why people like to look at animals and the psychology of animals in advertising.


She has written extensively on animals in art and canine history, as well as producing articles for Dogs Life magazine.

Kath has trained and worked with dogs for television, print media and corporate events. She has shared her life with all sorts of dogs, often Irish Wolfhounds, but most recently a Borzoi and a Scottish Deerhound.