Planet K9 Agility
So much FUN for YOU and your DOG!

Agility training is a super fun way to bond with your dog. This is because you must work as a team! While your dog learns to negotiate a series of  complex obstacles, your skill as a handler improves. It is wonderful to watch our agility teams develop. Planet K9 has 3 levels of agility training and holds regular agility fun competitions for our members. Please read through the course descriptions to find the one that suits you and your dog. .Each course consists of 5 group classes and class size is limited to 9 dogs.  If you can't decide which course level suits your dog please give Nicole a call on 0405 772 225 or click here to send a query.

 In extreme weather conditions classes will be postponed to the following week for the safety of the dogs. Classes are held in a fully fenced secure venue in Spotswood (10km from Melbourne CBD)



The level one course is  for dogs who are new to formal agility classes. The atmosphere of our classes is fun and encouraging. Obstacles taught at this level include hurdles, tyre jump, weave poles,  tunnels and pause table. There is a big focus on teaching the human part of the team how to support your dog, where to stand, how to move your dog from one side of your body to the other and how to give clear signals.We also teach the rules for agility short course racing and you have the opportunity to form a team and participate in Planet K9 agilty competitions. To join this course your dog must have completed our Planet K9 Basic Manners Course or an equivalent course elsewhere. 

Agility 1 classes are held on Sunday mornings at 10am and 11am in Spotswood.  To book your place click the book now button and select which semester you would like to join.




This is when you really get into the agility groove with your dog. Agility 2 focuses on handling skills and distance work. You will teach your dog to approach the obstacles from different directions and to have your dog  move both ahead of and behind you.

The atmosphere is fun and encouraging. It is wonderful to watch the skill level and enjoyment of both dog and human increase each week, 

If you wish you will be part of a team and compete in Planet K9's Agility fun comp. 

To enroll in  Agility 2 you must have completed and passed at least one of these courses :  Planet K9 Allsports Course or Planet K9 Agility 1 

Agility 2 classes are held on Sunday mornings at 9am and 10am  in Spotswood.  To book your place click the book now button and select which semester you would like to join us.


Shetland Sheepdog running on Agility Cou


Speed, FUN and complex obstacles!

Agility 3 puts it all together. Each week you and your dog will negotiate a new series of obstacles. We focus on increasing time and accuracy.If you wish you will be recorded and timed each week to enable your skills to improve. It's  a great way to review your progress and also a wonderful collection of video memories of time spent with your K9 best friend. You will receive  encouragement from your Trainer and cheers from classmates as you move from Agility Novice  to  Agility Pro!

To enroll in this class your dog must have either completed Agility 2 or been invited to participate by your Planet K9 Trainer.

Agility 3 classes are held on Sunday mornings at 9am and 11am in Spotswood. To book your place click the Book Now button and select which semester you would like to join us. 


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Planet K9 Fun Competition Days

Sunday November 27th 2022

Comp Days include a team event and an individual event. Don't have a team? No worries. We will find you some awesome team mates.