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Comet setting up for classes in 2020


From a frightened, abandoned puppy Comet grew to become the Big Boss Dawg of Planet K9. For more than two decades he motivated us and made us laugh every single day. Com would literally spin in circles out the front door and all the way to the car because he was so excited to go to work in the mornings. At the end of the day when we would pack up in the darkness Com would be zooming around, doing ecstasy rolls on the grass and making even the end of the day pack up enjoyable. He was just so delighted  with his life and his energy was infectious even when we were exhausted. 

Comet had unique friendships with each of our Trainers. When "Comet's People" arrived for the day he would announce their presence so loudly and proudly. The more he liked someone the louder he barked and he made sure everyone stopped to acknowledge the arrival of his special humans. 

Planet K9's classes have all been influenced by Comet. The Basic Manners class teaches people the skills to be able to include their dog in all aspects of their life just as Comet and Nicole shared their life.  Allports, Agility and Hollywoof tricksters are super fun classes all designed with Com in mind. Small Paws Gang and Laughter Yoga Club came about as a way to get Comet's friends in a social space together. He was a huge part of our Behaviour Mod program. Comet helped thousands of shelter dogs and mentored 110 foster dogs over his lifetime. 

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