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Our Behaviour Modification  Program is suited to dogs who are uncomfortable around other dogs or humans. This may be displayed as aggression  or overwhelm or sometimes as extreme exciteability.


The program includes 2 Behavioural Consults in your home and / or local area  with Trainer Nicole Beasley. This is then followed by a  session held at our training venue in Spotswood. During this  session you and your dog  will work on the perimeter of a group of dogs and people  while  under the expert guidance of a personal Trainer (either Nicole Beasley, Nola Pollard, Kath Kovacic or Danni McCrae). This gives you an opportunity to practise keeping your dog calm and comfortable amid distractions in a safe and supportive environment. 


The process 

The first step is to choose the date and time for your first in - home sessions in the drop down menu bar. The 60 minute sessions will be conducted in your home and / or local area. At the end of this session Nicole will arrange a time / date that suits you for the second session. This is usually within a fortnight but depends on your personal circumstances.

Group sessions are held in Spotswood at either 9am or 10am on Sundays. The group session time and date will be arranged after the 2nd in - home consult.  Nicole will arrange this for you at that time. You do not need to decide on that date now.


Typically we aim to complete all sessions within a 6 week period (exceptions can be made). 


After you submit your enrolment you will receive a receipt confirming your booking.  Nicole will read  the information that you have supplied within 2 business days and usually emails with some follow up questions so that we can plan the first session to give maximum benefit to you and your dog.


Areas serviced: within 40km of Werribee 


The course that you are enrolling in includes 3 training sessions - 2 X 60 minute in - home behavioural consults and one group session working with a personal trainer alongside you. Total course fee is $525







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