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The level one course is an introduction to this dog sport  for dogs who are new to formal agility classes. The atmosphere of our classes is fun and encouraging. Obstacles taught at this level include hurdles, tyre jump, weave poles,  tunnels and pause table. There is a big focus on teaching the human part of the team how to support your dog, where to stand, how to move your dog from one side of your body to the other and how to give clear signals.We also teach the rules for agility short course racing and you have the opportunity to form a team and participate in Planet K9 agilty competitions. To join this course your dog must have completed our Planet K9 Basic Manners Course or an equivalent course elsewhere. 

Agility 1 classes are held on Sunday mornings  in Spotswood. To book your place click the book now button and select which semester you would like to join.





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