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This course is specifically designed for our Basic Manners Graduates and provides an opportunity for participants to practice and refine their canine etiquette skills in real-life urban settings.

Over 3 sessions, you will engage in various activities aimed at improving your dog's behaviour and manners in public spaces. One of the key components of the course is social street walks. During these walks, you will learn how to navigate busy streets and crowded sidewalks while maintaining control over your dog. This exercise will help dogs become more comfortable and well-behaved in urban environments. We will practice loose leash walking and greeting other friendly dogs in a supportive and fun group.

Another exciting aspect of the course is the visit to a cafe. You will have the opportunity to bring your dog to a dog-friendly cafe and practice proper manners in a relaxed setting. This will include teaching dogs to remain calm, not beg for food, and to sit or lie down calmly and happily whilst you enjoy a coffee or meal.

Furthermore, the course will cover off-leash dog park etiquette. You will learn how to ensure your dogs play and interact with other dogs in a respectful and controlled manner. This includes understanding canine body language, and managing your dog's behaviour in a pack environment.


The sessions will be held on 3 consecutive Saturdays. Meeting points are Session  1 Footscray  Session 2 Flemington Session 3 Yarraville.
You will be sent an email with the meeting points. They are all easy to access with plenty of parkign available, 


The dates in the dropdown below are start dates of courses that run for 3 consecutive weeks. 


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